Livermore Rodeo Lil' Pardners
Tuesday, June 20, 2017
By Phillip Doyle Photography
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This year was the 22nd Annual Lil' Pardners Rodeo, a heartwarming event that the Livermore Pro Rodeo puts on every year to include the local community. I was lucky enough to be down in the arena capturing meaningful memories for the Lil' Pardners and their families. It was held right before the final performance of this local PRCA Rodeo and it captured the hearts of the contestants and audience as these wonderful kids competed in a mini rodeo. Each special needs cowboy and cowgirl was assigned their own cowboy, cowgirl, rodeo clown or Rodeo Queen to be their host throughout this amazing event. They all received gifts that were donated from local stores, shirts and a beautiful belt buckle! The entire event is sponsored by the Rodeo Foundation and the Livermore Stockmen's Rodeo Association and is all put on voluntarily by the cowgirls, cowboys, rodeo clowns and Rodeo Queen of the PRCA!

These Lil' Pardners compete in almost all the same events that the cowboys and cowgirls of the Professional Rodeo Association do! From horseback riding to running the cloverleaf barrel pattern to roping and riding "broncs", it is a special day for these beautiful young people, their families and all of those who choose to be a part of the Lil' Pardners program.

If you would like to either participate or volunteer for next years Lil' Pardners event at the Livermore Rodeo, please call Donny Perry at: (825)-784-6558 or visit 

Brittany and Bob
Wednesday, June 14, 2017
By phillip doyle photography
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We had the pleasure of photographing Brittany and Bob's beautiful wedding recently. It was held on the pacific coast at Chateau La Joye. The weather in Half Moon Bay was incredible, however it was paled in comparison to Brittany and her bridesmaids. This was our first event with our new photographer, Angela Shield. As a second photographer, she did an amazing job capturing the best memories for the newlyweds. 

The wedding itself was an absolute blast! Angela and I enjoyed ourselves just as much as any other guest that night. It makes it even better when the photographs turn out to be this spectacular. I wish Brittany and Bob the best as they continue their lives together in marriage.

For all your engagement and wedding needs, please feel free to call us at: (925)-337-0336


Miss Livermore Rodeo 2016
Wednesday, May 24, 2017
By phillip doyle photography
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Michelle Hewitt served as Miss Livermore Rodeo 2016, and was an outstanding queen for the rodeo. She had a vision of making some photos in the snow, so we drove into the Eastern foothills of California to the snow line, and had an amazing day.

Phil Doyle Photography is not only a professional company, but we are artists as well. When we have clients that have vision and know what they want to do, we are willing to travel great lengths to make compelling, new, and different images.

Contact Phil Doyle Photography with your vision today!

Oakdale Rodeo 2017
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
By phillip doyle photography
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Oakdale, also known as the Cowboy Capital of the World, hosted their spring rodeo on April 8 & 9, 2017. We were able to attend the Friday slack and performance, jump down to San Luis Obispo for the 77th Annual Poly Royal Rodeo, and then back up for Oakdale's Sunday performance.

Oakdale is one of the most fun rodeos in California, and always draws a huge crowd! It is also particularly unique because it has a very cool access point for shooting rough stock, which is very close to the chutes. The ability to shoot from under the bottom panel creates a unique and dramatic angle for images. Many years ago my friend, Marcelo Fuentes, told me as a photographer to dig a hole and crawl in it. It's definitely a big part of what I do today!

The weather variations also make it fun, at least for the photographers. Quite often you'll have rain, with slop and mud, which makes for some crazy images.

Additionally, their barrel-man Clint Sylvester is one the best in the business, and add Chance Jackson and Rick Moffatt as bullfighters and you have two of the toughest men in the sport.

Till next year, Oakdale.

Miss Rowell Ranch Rodeo 2017
Friday, May 12, 2017
By Phillip Doyle Photography
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Megan Stevens was recently crowned the 2017 Miss Rowell Ranch Rodeo. We had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with her at the Silverfern Ranch, where she boards her horses.

Megan knows her way around horses and was an amazing model... Equipped with a big personality and radiant smile, she was a blast to photograph and hang out with!

We look for big things from this young lady in the years to come.